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NFT Creators

In order to promote an active and vibrant market, Metamints NFT Marketplace has a refined NFT creator that enables customers and companies to efficiently and simply mint their content, ideas, services, and products into NFT tokens for listing on the Metamints NFT Marketplace. Almost all Creators maintain royalties for their listings. This implies that any NFT sold on the Metamints Marketplace contributes a percentage of its exchange fees to the Creator, including all future trades for the lifetime of that item.


Anyone with existing NFTs purchased on the Metamints NFT Marketplace may bring those tokens to both the Metamints Marketplace by connecting the crypto-wallet and purchasing them for their desired price. Consequently, for rare items, items that have been highly sought for, or items that require a fair price discovery, sellers may create an auction that will be handled automatically on the Metamints NFT blockchain according to the initial criteria they have.


Buyers are able to search and purchase items with the NFT tokens. The Metamints NFT Marketplace will support its NFT token as an exchange counter currency.

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