Decentralized and non-permissible

The Metamints NFT Marketplace is designed to optimize the benefit (and minimize risks) of digital asset ownership and trading. Our core technologies depend strictly on the blockchain, automated smart contracts.

Blockchain Protocol

Metamints uses the Binance blockchain and protocol, with a native token named MTM. It will share the security advantages of the entire Binance network, avoiding the possibility of a consensus attack.

Less Costly Fee Exposure

There will be some charges applicable like application usage fees for trade execution, NFT creation and listing, NFT auctions, and network fees for MTM transfers will apply.

On-Chain Management governance

The Metamints Marketplace governance allows stakeholders to seamlessly amend the basic protocol and change essential framework parameters to meet the changing needs of the environment and the community.

Client Partnerships

The Metamints Marketplace provides a UNIQUE platform for users who want to bring their digital products to the NFT marketplace where they can sell their own images or items on a marketplace with established business models.

Incentivization and Rewards

User Base Incentivization and Rewards โ€” Community is almost everything, and the Metamints NFT Marketplace will focus entirely on rewarding early adopters for their valuable contributions through various incentive and reward schemes designed to support successful creators, sellers, and buyers. In addition to the incentives for use, the Metamints NFT Marketplace uses a Proof of Stake model that can offer its own rewards for being a network validator.

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