The marketplace

The Marketplace

The Metamints NFTs DApp has a very simple, easy-to-use design, and here’s a quick walkthrough.

Home page

The homepage features a collection of NFTs. Each NFT is an art piece containing the owner tab and price in BNB (and its USD equivalent)

The search feature allows you to search for artworks by name and sort by price if you have specifics in mind.


Your profile displays your account name and available asset balance.


The create function allows you to make your NFT with ease.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Upload the file — in GIF, PNG or JPEG formats, with a maximum size of 10MB. And, of course, all files must be original.

  2. Fill in the name and description boxes.

  3. Set the price. There’s an inbuilt price calculator that tells you what you will receive (in BNB and the USD equivalent).

  4. Click on Create.

And that’s it! You have your first NFT.

Note that Metamints nft charges a meagre 2.5% on NFT sales.

Future Plans

In addition to setting up the ideal NFT marketplace, the platform plans to:

  • Release MTM NFT token— the native utility token used to incentivize users, for airdrops and with which holders will be able to suggest and vote on plans to move the project forward;

  • Support digital creators with NFT launchpads;

  • Build Auction where users can bid between each other

  • Introduce royalties which enable creators to get a cut on secondary sales of their NFTs;

  • And bridge the BSC network with Ethereum 2.0, making it a one-stop cross-chain hub for all collectibles.

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