Promotional Strategy

MetaMints plans to invite stakeholders who share the same vision across the globe and investors who can work closely with a structure that can run through the deployment of the marketplace and future products that are in the pipeline.

Through digital marketing efforts, they plan to reach out to possible early adopters.

Some of the efforts that NFT Coin has planned for promotion are:

  • Press releases on cryptocurrency press release sites

  • Advertorials on cryptocurrency-related blogs

  • Listing on NFT ranking sites

  • Community building on cryptocurrency forums and online crypto communities

  • Promotions on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc...

  • Investor awareness and educational materials about the potential of cryptocurrencies

  • Webinars educating about the benefits of holding an NFT Coin

  • Infographics for social media

  • Preparing and publishing video content related to NFT Coin and its suite of investment platforms

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