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MetaMints is developing a global data-driven platform for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.

PHASE I: Q3 2021

  • Market research
  • Ideas verification
  • Technology R&D
  • Team forming
  • Graphic design for Metamints

PHASE II: Q4 2021

  • NFT Marketplace flatform development
  • Ongoing smart contract development
  • Private raise fund

PHASE III: Q1 2022

  • Token Smart Contract Audit
  • Seed round and Private round will be closed
  • Partnerships, KOLs and VCs Onboarding
  • Website & Whitepaper
  • NFT Marketplace: Alpha test, Beta Test
  • Release The ONLY NFTs Collections

PHASE IV: Q2 2022

  • NFT Marketplace Official Launch
  • Our MTM Token Roadmap Release
  • Staking program launch
  • Shopify for NFT Marketplaces

PHASE V: Q3 2022

  • Native Multichain Intergrate
  • NFT launchpad Fundraising
  • NFT Lottery & Gamification
  • Intergrated AI to our communication system

PHASE VI: More to come

  • Fiat On-ramp Integration
  • Exchange NFTs for others NFTs and Crypto
  • Governance
  • Contract V2 improvements and additions