The gorvernance model

To build an enduring governance model, MetaMints will pursue a two-phase plan. Provisional Governance Model (one that kicks in before the network reaches the critical mass) and constitutional convention.

Provisional Governance Model (< 10M members)

The provisional model will operate until the network hits a critical mass of 10M members. This model will closely resemble “off-chain” governance models currently employed by protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum. MetaMints' core team will play an important role in guiding the development of the protocol.

Metamints' Core Team will work with the community to get feedback and implement the features on the marketplace. The MetaMints' core team has been soliciting community input and engaging with pioneers in the blockchain and NFT space.

MetaMints embraces community critics and suggestions, which is implemented by the open-for-comments features of MetaMints' landing page, FAQs, and white paper. MetaMints will make it easier for the community to engage and leave their feedback on the website after looking through the product, whitepaper, etc. Whenever people browse these materials on MetaMints' websites, they can submit comments on a specific section right there to ask questions and make suggestions.

MetaMints' core team has been organizing offline meetups to engage with the community and promote active participation in the growth of the network. This will also be an important channel to educate new users and add more members to the community.

Additionally, MetaMints' Core Team will develop more formal governance mechanics. One potential governance system is liquid democracy. In liquid democracy, every pioneer will have the ability to either vote on an issue directly or to delegate their vote to another member of the network. Liquid democracy would allow for both broad and efficient membership from MetaMints' community.

Constitutional Convention (> 10M members)

Upon hitting 10 Million members, a provisional committee will be formed based on previous contributions to the MetaMints Network. This committee will be responsible for soliciting and proposing suggestions from and to the wider community. It will also organize a series of on- and offline conversations where MetaMints' members will be able to weigh on MetaMints' long-term constitution.

Given MetaMints' global user base, the MetaMints Network will conduct these conventions at multiple locations across the world to ensure accessibility. In addition to hosting in-person conventions, MetaMints will also use its mobile application as a platform for allowing MetaMints' members to participate in the process remotely.

Whether in-person or online, MetaMints' community members will have the ability to participate in crafting MetaMints' long-term governance structure.

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