Build the first native multi-chain NFT platform

One of our next very important objectives is to go beyond the BSC network and to become the first native multi-chain NFT platform, so users can have their NFTs on multiple chains.

We have a near-future plan to support the majors of important EVM compatible blockchains, among others:

  • Polygon

  • Avalanche

  • Heco

  • Ethereum 2.0

  • and many more...

Shopify for NFT marketplaces

We believe in the future most artists and digital creators, in general, would want to own their own marketplace to connect directly with their own audience, the same way anyone can create an eCommerce in a few minutes using Shopify provided building blocks.

Having that in mind we want to build the most advanced and easily customizable NFT marketplace as a service product that would allow artists to spin marketplaces in a matter of minutes with everything set up and ready to be used: Payments, Cross-chain, Royalties, Auctions and many more what we plan to build.

NFT Launchpad fundraising

One of the things we observed early while building Metamints NFTs is the capability and desire of the community to support new upcoming artists.

Based on that important key factor, we wanted to provide a way for the Metamints NFTs community to support and provide early capital for new upcoming projects in the DeFi ecosystem.

By providing and supporting new incoming projects our community will be getting the opportunity to own token equity in these new hot and upcoming projects.

NFT Lottery & Gamification

Are you the type of lucky guy? Then you will love this feature. You will be able to buy tickets with your AIRT to get a chance to win NFTs and MTM tokens.

The Metamints NFTs team has plans to introduce AI-generated art to the NFT space, we will be creating gamification characteristics based on AI-generated art pieces.

Fiat On-ramp Integration

Don't have crypto? Not a problem, we will partner with the best in the field to give our customers the option to buy crypto with a credit card to get started with minting and NFT collection straight away

Exchange NFTs for other NFTs and crypto

Have you bought an NFT for $200 and want to swap it for another one that costs $50 and let others user-pay you up to a total value of another $150 in BUSD? With this feature, you will be able to trade your NFTs for other NFTs and cryptocurrencies.


Artists, collectors, and all other AIRT holders will be deciding the verification process in the future. Voting will be implemented at the core of the product for a more decentralized governance type.

Using the MTM governance token, the holders will be empowered to decide on the roadmap, new features, and goals of the project.

Contract v2 Improvements and Additions

  • On-chain support for royalties: Provide more earning streams for artists by bringing revenues from secondary market sales

  • Decentralized auction system: Set time-limited offers and bid custom prices on NFTs

  • On-chain community governance and voting system

  • Import NFTs from other chains including BSC to sell them on Metamints NFTs

  • Redesign and UX improvements

  • Transfer NFTs from one chain to another

  • ERC-1155 Multi Token Standard support: Mint more copies of one NFT

  • Mystery Boxes as NFTs

  • Localisations for other countries

  • Social features: Notifications, Bucket list, Follow your favorite artists, Chat, Explore art by followed artists, Enhanced algorithm that shows art based on what you like.

  • And many more...

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