NFT Launchpad

NFTs are still evolving; more users are releasing content, exploring utilities, and building exciting projects. As the market continues to expand, it becomes crucial to eliminate the barrier of entry and give every creator and developer a chance at bringing their ideas to life. This is where we come into play. Metamints NFTs will provide a springboard for NFT projects by generating awareness and raising funds through crowdfunding. Holders of our native token, $MTM Token, will have exclusive access to pre-sales of NFTs and projects carefully selected for the launchpad.

Raise budget on your project through (INO) and get entry to our companions and NFTs community.

What are NFT launchpads?

Like ICO launchpads, NFT launchpads or (INO) Initial NFT Offerings essentially serve to support new creators and developers by connecting them directly with needed audiences, raising money, and helping them find their feet in the market.

How does it work?

We had a launchpad for our own public raise a few weeks ago and we managed to raise $4M. Now, we aim to bring as many NFT-based blockchain projects to life as possible by raising funds and promoting their work.

Our INO follows a simple process and can be summarized in three steps:

1. Interested creators and developers with promising projects reach out to the team with their roadmap or mvb products.

2. Arrangements are worked out between project developers and the team.

3. The project, if selected, gets listed on the launchpad page for a limited period to raise funds for further development.

What do you stand to gain?

Being a part of the launchpad means using our network to kickstart your work. To provide the much-needed traction and raise funds, Metamints NFTs will:

  1. Allow AIRT token holders early access to public sales of hot NFT projects,

  2. Provide projects exposure to Metamints NFTs’ audience and partners ecosystem,

  3. List your NFTs on our marketplace for further NFT Trading,

  4. Vet your project framework and ensure it’s up to community standards.

Who can apply?

Our launchpad will cater to both established brands and new talents in the following fields:

  • GameFi projects

  • NFT collections with utility

  • DeFi projects with NFT use cases.

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