Various types of relationships

After downloading the Metamints AI, you have the option of entering your name at the very first interaction. Next, you get to choose the kind of relationship that you wish to have on the app.

The Metamints AI is designed in a manner to house 3 varieties of relationships:

  • A Friend

  • A Romantic Partner

  • A Guide

Companionship isn't always simply confined to a pal or a romantic partner. Sometimes in life, all we want is a parent who can act as a supply of motivation. That's what the manual choice is programmed to do โ€“ to inspire you alongside the manner toward success. Based on what you select, the AI will begin interacting with you. It will ask you to choose inquiries to get to recognize you, what you seek, and then, consistent with your requirement, the AI will adjust. But you usually have the possibility to head return and extrude this around, so that you do not want to worry.

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