License Scope Summary

Creators know what they are selling, collectors know what they are buying

Private use/Non-Commercial exploitation

  • Solely private and non-commercial use of the Work

  • Right to the exclusive ownership of the NFT representing the Work

  • No right to publicly use or display the Work (except as part of Collection and when listing NFT for sale)

Personal public display/Non-Commercial exploitation

  • Solely personal and non-commercial use of the Work

  • Right to use the Work in Owner’s digital and/or online presence (avatars, profile pictures etc.)

  • No right to modifications of the Work

Public display/Non-Commercial exploitation

  • Public, non-commercial use of the Work

  • Right to publicly display the Work in both digital and physical format, in public or private cultural institutions (e.g. galleries, museums) and virtual exhibitions

  • No right to obtain financial gain from displaying the Work

Reproduction/Commercial exploitation

  • Public, commercial use of the Work

  • Right to make copies of, distribute, and otherwise commercially exploit the Work, for any purpose

  • Right to make and commercially exploit derivative works (e.g. merchandise)

  • No right to substantial modifications, adaptations, and edits of the Work

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